About CHM

Celebrate Hope Ministries is a Transformational Christian Ministry reaching out to people's spiritual and physical needs in communities in Southern Uganda through the local churches. Celebrate Hope Ministries is a Christian Ugandan ministry reaching out through the local church to people's spiritual and physical needs in communities in Southern Uganda.


Our Vision is embedded in 4 key ministry areas:

1. To Equip the church through a well-trained leadership

2. To give support to the needy children/orphans and Widows

3. To initiate household improvement projects and care for HIV infected and affected persons.

4. To Participate in Health Education and prevention of disease in our Ministry Areas


Our Ministry Kingdom Formula


  • We work with one pastor - and one Church at a time
  • The Pastor introduces the ministry to the congregation
  • The congregation goes out to the community for one needy family
  • They reach out with the integral mission of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Hence the community gets transformed

 (1 Pastor + 1 Congregation + 1 Family) x Jesus = Transformed Community GO in UGANDA


Currently, 532 children and families are supported. We need more sponsors for the needy children and their families. For a commitment of 6 years supporting the family with 35 dollars per month...

Community Transformation

The Centres promote good health practices, in particular primary health care e.g Nutrition, Blood Donation,, ... 

Sustainability Program

In 2010, we started with 7 families

2017, we have 2003 families

1,000,000 coffee seedlings distributed and planted. ... 

Celebrate Hope SACCO

Since its inauguration in 2016, the bank has steadily grown to:

- Started with 65 members, now it has 350 members

- Shares have risen from 38 in February 2016 to 906 by July 2017 ....